Character Creator’s Log -StarDate-

So you want to larp.  Lovely.
Obviously, your first stop (after finding out about a group/system you might enjoy) should be at character creation station. But stop. Think. Don’t just browse the departure/event times and take off running.  Grab a map, pull up a bench.  Breathe a moment.

You’re not just playing/creating a character here.

You’re also playing at being a(n):
~Casting Director (Related Posts: 1, 2)
~Costume Designer
~Hair Stylist
~Makeup Artist
~Props Master
~Writer (Related Posts: 1)

And I’m sure I’m even missing a few roles in there… But this list is just to get you actively thinking before you’d have to be faced with the fact that you’ve bitten off more then you can comfortably chew.


Chime in!

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