Question & Response: Hashtag I Want To Larp

Recently I’ve become slightly more active on twitter.
I’ll get over the shock and the horror in time. Until then I’ll just keep giggling over the notion that I’m one step closer to being an Officially Recognized Twit.

Of course this lead to the uncovering of what hashtags and trend topics are exactly and once I understood the theories… i think…  Naturally, I had to look up #larp.

Know what I saw? (the tweets of larp ‘industry’ people aside)

Variations on this:
“I want to #larp before I die. #bucketlist”
“I really want to try larping #larp”
“I want to #larp #NerdProbz”

So I have only one question: What’s stopping you?
No. Seriously. I am beyond curious on this line.
What gets in your way so much that you can’t grab a few friends to just run around in a field, a park or even to pretend that your basement is a musty and dank cell that you’ve been confined to in order to accuse each other of murderous pasts?

Is it money?
You don’t need weapons or garb or even a full kit to get started. A few simple rules, some good friends and a basic concept for interaction and you’re golden.

Is it the rules?
There are more then one system/style/realm/era out there. Find one that you do enjoy and if you don’t like someone’s system talk to them about it. If they’re not willing to listen or explain, then keep looking or… Create your own!

Is it fear?
We all started out somewhere. Most of us are still prying out secrets and lessons and trying to look like we know it all anyway, so why not join in?

Is it admitting to your friends that you even want to try?
They’re not all gonna laugh at you. Okay they might… but who really cares?
And personally? If they actually have instant access to a bucket of pig’s blood…
in my book, that’s just an invitation to a good time.

But I’m just making things up now and I really WANT to know.
Seriously. What’s stopping you?


5 responses to “Question & Response: Hashtag I Want To Larp

    • Wow, thank you for that Ivan.
      I hadn’t realized and shame on me for not going back that far in your blog. Everyone else, go read Ivan’s blog more thoroughly then I did the first go around.

  1. All of the above!! But mostly the role playing side of things :S I was never any good at acting and some people really get into their characters – I want to create a fun character but it will always just be me in a silly costume 😛

    • Oh Feather!
      There is absolutely nothing wrong with just being you in a silly costume. Nothing.
      If you’re more comfortable playing someone 99.9% exactly like yourself. Then you go ahead and make that character, except now they’re called ‘Bonbon The First’ or ‘Bob’.

      It’s not that different from cosplaying really…
      Most cosplayers I know, pick a character that they feel they can act or at least look a LOT like. Why? Because with a few altered facts/timelines/outfits they’re not so far off from just playing a slightly more pretty/badass/damaged version of some reflected aspect within themselves.

      In fact I’ll let you in on a secret… this is where a LOT of people start with larping and sometimes even stay. and despite what some others might say/think. There’s nothing wrong with it at all.

      Heck ask any actor, sometimes typecasting exists for a reason.

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